My love for words and poetry blossomed in high school. I smile, remembering the many joy-filled hoursimg_0043 I invested in birthing poems at “The Art Works.” My art store gig became a place of refuge and often solitude. The art-lined walls inspired and called to me, filling the room with creativity. In these moments, I became living breathing art. My soul poured onto the page, ensouling each word with feeling, emotion, and the rhythm of my heart.

 As an empath, writing gave me an outlet to express, release, and move the emotion and energy that flowed through my body and mind. For me, the written word contained codes and secret messages from my heart and soul. As a Sacred Scribe, I AM a pure vessel for Divine Love and Light to flow through me and onto the page. Each ensouled word brings new awareness and new meaning to my life’s purpose, my gifts, and my heart’s desire.

 I believe we are ALL art. To be on eARTh, is to be art. In my experience, art is co-creation and self-expression from the heart and soul. I forgot this truth, denying myself freedom through self-expression for most of my twenties.

 The climax of my severance from my heart and soul manifested itself into a stale cookie cutter career as a Senior Cost Analyst for a 75 million dollar government contract. Slave to the traffic lights, fluorescent lights, and my dimly-lit computer screen, my soul began to suffer.

 Until one day, when a VERY special creation came my way. A little baby girl, so sweet. How can there be any art more hallowed than the joining together of male and female in love and sacred ceremony? The growing child within, fused to my being, listening to the music of my heart, reminded me of possibility, magic and mystery.

 All art has a gestation period. You are pregnant with possibility and then a final push and birthing of your co-creation comes forth into the world. To me, ensouling words is much like this process. A birthing of the word made flesh.

 Like a caterpillar who emerged from the chrysalis, my life was forever changed. Being a mother gave me new eyes to see and new ears to hear. During pregnancy, I experienced heightened senses like nothing I have ever encountered. I could smell, taste and touch with almost superhuman powers. In my experience, pregnancy and motherhood was truly a spiritual awakening and a remembering of who I AM.

Realize with Real Eyes

I (k)NOW have eyes to see

I (k)NOW have ears to hear

The love and light inside

I hold most dear

We are the truth, the light and the way

Whether at work, home, or play

We live in God and (s)he in us

We ride together in the big blue and green bus

One way I was guided back to the full expression of my truth was in the creation of my first blog. By birthing a blog, the sacred art of writing returned to me. “ A Life in Balance – Project Do What You Love” became a catalyst for helping me find balance and come back to center. My proclamation to find the courage to follow my heart echoed through the world wide web. I AM seen. I AM heard. I AM speaking my truth. I AM facing my fears. I AM doing what I love, in love and by love.

My desire quickly manifested into a burning fire to spend more time with my daughter and create a livelihood from writing. A year after her birth, my corporate climbing days were over. Taking a huge leap of faith and trust that God and the Universe always provide for all my earthly needs, True U Voice was born. Today, I facilitate a connection of heart & soul by creating a safe and sacred space for my clients’ messages to emerge. I am honored to witness so many people stepping up to their calling, giving their gifts, and living their passions. These courageous souls are assisting the planet and becoming visible in a whole new way through the world wide web.

I believe the organic expression of who we ARE becomes intimately connected to our happiness and our aliveness. Our gifts and talents are intermingled with our life’s purpose. Without purpose, we often feel like a wanderer on a dark highway. Purpose shines a light and directs us to a path of joy, service, and the feeling of being needed, accepted, and loved.




About Amber:

Amber Lee Scott combines her knowledge of project management, marketing, social media, editing, and writing experience to facilitate her client’s vision and values into their very own True Voice.

With a BS in Environmental Science, Amber knows the importance of balance and roles in a natural ecosystem and believes that business can learn from these interdependent and synergistic relationships. In fact, humans have been solving complex problems for ages by studying nature, often called biomimicry. She guides businesses and leaders to become in tune with the rhythm of nature and open to the answers within us all.

Amber’s accomplishments include:
~ Editing an Amazon Best Seller
~ Co-authoring 2 books
~ Utilizing project management skills to work directly with vendors to launch a website with over 300 pages while tracking and bringing to completion over 100 QA items
~ Co-creating and editing conscious copy and blogs for numerous websites, complex automated email campaigns, and other public relations and marketing material
~ Supporting numerous startup companies to lay a foundation of organization, efficiency, customer service and marketing for exponential growth
~ Concurrently managing budget and schedule for multiple government contracts totaling more than 75 million dollars

Amber is dedicated to empowering individuals, leaders, and businesses to share their unique gifts and their True Voice while co-creating a thriving and harmonious ecosystem of joy, love, fulfillment, and freedom.

She writes weekly Love Notes from Nature to reveal the wisdom within the natural world and poses questions to help each of us delve into our depths to find the answers to our challenges. She currently publishes these #LoveNotesfromNature on her facebook page at