Be Still and know I AM God ~ Psalm 46:10

In stillness, in quiet contemplation, we can hear our True Voice, the voice of the Divine within all of us. True U Voice was birthed to help individuals and businesses align with the still small voice within and relax in knowing the great IAM, the Invisible Painter, is at work on a masterpiece, YOU.


With a BS in Environmental Science, Amber knows the importance of balance and roles in a natural ecosystem and believes that we can all learn from these interdependent and synergistic relationships. In fact, humans have been solving complex problems for ages by studying nature, often called biomimicry. She guides businesses and individuals to become in tune with the rhythm of nature and open to the answers within us all through Love Notes from Nature and eARTh heART walks and guidance.

She writes Love Notes from Nature to reveal the wisdom within the natural world and poses questions to help each of us delve into our depths to find the answers to our challenges.


You can purchase your very own custom Love Note from Nature. Please inquire at the contact page.