I discovered the power of Reiki in 2010 and soon began to take classes to become attuned. I poured myself into various healing arts to ease my journey with muscle and joint pain, migraines, sleep issues, depression, anxiety, grief, weight gain, and digestion issues. I found myself especially drawn to energy healing techniques, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, essential oils, and Sound Healing including Sacred Drumming. Currently, I AM finishing a Certificate in Assertiveness Coaching. 12237951_10205127144201255_2884436447873755628_o

After years of using Reiki and other healing modalities on a daily basis, I AM opening my heART to provide Reiki sessions at the Howard County Holistic Center. To celebrate, I AM offering 50% off all Reiki Sessions until Jan 20th. Book your Reiki session using Schedulicity below or call me at 410-420-7579.

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